ALTAS Publishing and Electronics Company is an educational, hobby and electronics instruments company based in Istanbul, Turkey. It has been a family owned and operated business since 2003, founded by two technical teachers.

Its products teach children and students from different age levels to have fun learning about electronics, engineering, science, and technology. Teaching sets have been endorsed by educators around Turkey and used in schools, science centers, after-school programs, STEM programs, and at home. Many of today’s engineers and technicians learned the basics of technology by creating with ALTAS products, kits and sets.

ALTAS’ electronics products come in a variety of different kits, depending on size, theme, and configuration. The easy-to-use, manuals give users the power and self-confidence to build different scenarios and projects with extension materials. Users can also use their imagination and create their own circuits.

ALTAS has developed educational kits and electronics testing equipment to teach electronics, science, and technology to budding engineers. They support "Maker" and "STEM" programs and classrooms nationwide and strive to make educational circuits that are fun and appealing to students of all backgrounds. They inspire, motivate, and challenge children of all ages to solve problems and practice real-life skills.

As a specialized publishing team, ALTAS published 34 technical books in Electronics, Mechatronics, Programming and Robotics. Authors are technical teachers, academicians and engineers. Content of those books approved and registered by Ministry of National Education and have used in VET schools educational programs around the Turkey.